Tile Fall 1.3

Free A computer puzzle board game where matching tiles should be removed
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This computer puzzle game, TileFall, will keep you entertained for hours as you concentrate on meeting the challenge of beating your own personal best score or that of your friend's. The windowed user-friendly graphic interface presents you with a virtual board of tiles that are colored similar to the original Rubik cube tile squares. You can configure the board and tiles to the size and level of difficulty of your choice. The object of the game is to click-remove groups of tiles in such a way that you build up a large group of another color, to remove it likewise - and to free up the board ultimately. When tiles of the same color are correctly aligned with neighboring tiles, they will merge together due to the program's extended tile set graphics.

The game also provides a handy undo last move feature. The larger the group you remove, the higher your score will be, although you can remove tiles in smaller groups too, to gain a smaller score. The program features automatic saving of your high scores and since they are saved in the same format as used by the Psion and Amiga machine versions, you can copy and merge your Tile Fall high scores to these platforms.

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